Barcelos Rooster and Pop Galo

5325948841_9783261f49If you go to Portugal, you’re sure to see lots of representations of the Barcelos rooster, or “galo de Barcelos.”  There are differing versions of the legend; my favorite is the one the town of Barcelos has on its website. Roughly translated, a man is robbed, an innocent man is accused and sentenced to hang, he says that a roasted cock will crow to proclaim his innocence, and this is exactly what happens just as he is hanged. Luckily, the knot was poorly tied, so he doesn’t die, and he’s freed. Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos has recently created a Pop Galo, a 10 meter tall version of this iconic cock. This video shows what it looks like in the daytime and at night, and features a very creepy rooster crow. 


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