Na Cidade Vazia, Hollow City (Angola) vis-a-vis Cidade de Deus (Brazil)

There are some interesting comparisons to be drawn between the Brazilian film Cidade de Deus, or City of God, and  Na Cidade Vazia (2004), set in Luanda, Angola. Cidade de Deus (named after the favela of that name featured in the film) gained a lot of critical acclaim and international attention. Na Cidade Vazia did too, but to a lesser extent. It’s available with English subtitles here:   The Angolan film shows what the capital city is like from the point of view of a orphaned child experiencing it for the first time, moving unwillingly from the war-torn countryside. While there wasn’t an actual civil war being waged in the City of God, there were gang wars, or battles. Another similarity is that both films depict the way children experience the city, and while the kids in Cidade de Deus are not actual orphans (although some might be), they are left to their own devices.


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