Info about FLPO 103

FLPO 103 2017 – You are invited!

Portuguese is a bridge that will give you access to the cultures of eight different Portuguese-speaking countries: Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome e Principe, Cape Verde and East Timor. By learning the Portuguese language, you build that bridge and become better able to communicate with more than 200 million Portuguese-speakers.

In this “beginning Portuguese” class, you’re invited to imagine, as soon as you enter the classroom, that you are in a Portuguese-speaking country. Music in Portuguese will greet you as you enter the classroom and will often play in the background while you speak with classmates in Portuguese, even from day one. Speaking a foreign language on the first day of class might seem daunting, but my goal as your instructor is to create a comfortable environment, in which mistakes are expected. In fact, I believe the best way to learn to speak is to speak a lot, mistakes or no mistakes. Often, speaking activities are made fun by being framed as games, like Bingo. New grammar and vocabulary are introduced in manageable amounts (about 5 words a day), constantly building on what you’ve learned in previous classes, such that by the end of the semester you will be able to do the following:

  • tell time, talk about dates and times of events, ask questions, talk about yourself and other people, your family, daily activities, your studies , order food in a restaurant, and more!

In addition to the music in Portuguese that you will hear, you will be further immersed in the Portuguese language as you hear me speak it throughout the majority of the class, as well as when we listen to audio files and watch videos. Our textbook, Ponto de Encontro (Point of Encounter), will allow you to access many of these audio files and videos outside of the classroom, so that you can listen to the language as much as you need.

But this class isn’t just about learning to speak and understand spoken Portuguese. You’ll learn skills that will help you get the main ideas out of written texts, and you will also practice writing in Portuguese. You will also learn details about the various countries where Portuguese is spoken. During the semester, you will have the opportunity to present several presentations with a partner. These are a great way to practice the language skills you will have learned. They are also a way for you to deepen your knowledge of the culture, as you focus on researching the Portuguese-speaking nations, famous Portuguese-speaking people, and typical dishes, which you will be invited to prepare and share!