Info about FLPO 104

FLPO 104 uses the same textbook as 103, so no need to buy anything new! By the end of the semester, you’ll know how to:

  • talk about what you and other people are wearing, what you want or need to buy while you’re traveling abroad
  • talk about the weather
  • talk about what happened (use the past tense!)
  • talk about houses and apartments (great for asking for clean sheets in a hotel, or for telling the person whose apartment you’re renting that your stove isn’t working, etc.)
  • talk about jobs (where you work now, where you want to work after graduation)

You’ll also continue to learn more about the cultures of the multiple Portuguese-speaking nations. An added bonus: If you’re trying to fulfill your language requirement for NIU, you will done so by the end of this semester (each class is 5 credit hours).