Get Help with Learning Portuguese

Your textbook is a great resource, with lots of additional practice, flashcards and more. Be sure to take the time to explore myportugueselab online. If you’re looking for even more, here are some suggestions:

Although technology can be a great language learning tool, in class, you’ll be asked to keep your laptop and phones turned off and/or put away. Why? For one thing, most of your class time will be spent speaking. For another, studies show you learn more by writing notes by hand. Now, because most of your time should be spent practicing speaking, you won’t be taking that many notes, but when you do, you’ll be doing it with paper and pencil (or pen). Keep this in mind when you’re studying at home, too. Instead of just using the textbook’s online flashcards, hand write some of your own. When you read through grammar explanations, transfer them to your notebook in your own words. And when you’re preparing written assignments, you might want to hand write them before you type them. Here’s an article on the research: